- Q-Match


Q-match analyzes and compares CVs and applications with consulting jobs. In the system, AI and Machine Learning are used to recognize relevant skills and qualifications in the CV, which is a requirement in the job posting. The system returns a score indicating how well the candidate matches the posting.

By assessing all incoming consultants, you can get an objective assessment that will assist you in choosing the right consultant for the job.

In addition, Q-match does not consider gender, age, or ethnicity, so you can be certain that the model does not exhibit any unexpected bias.

Requirements for Q-match

As part of Q-match, CVs are read and compared with the job posting.

Therefore, in order to utilize the system, it is necessary that you hire consultants or make plans for it.

Technical possibilities regarding Q-Match

Q-match runs in the cloud, so it is necessary that you are connected to our server in order to use the service.

If you connect to Q-match, you have two options: either you send the text from the applications and the job posting directly to Q-match, or you send the files to Q-match, which will extract the text. In addition, you can access it by logging in to a website.

The process regarding Q-match implementation.

Q-analytics process when we set up Q-match is:

  • Meet
  • Implementation


It is intended to align expectations with what you would like out of Q-match, and to give an overview of how it should be integrated into your systems and workflows.


In the implementation phase, we set Q-match up to work with your workflows and systems. Also, we test drive the system so that it is ready to run immediately.