- Intern Profile Search


Internal profile search is a system designed to optimize the search for internal candidates for a specific job. Using the free text analysis, the system is able to analyze all profiles in the business and determine the degree to which they match the description of the job.

Integrated with SharePoint, the system forms a natural part of everyday business activities. This means that the end user will not feel as though it's a completely new system.

Requirements for Intern Profile Search

SharePoint is required to use the internal profile search, as the system was built to integrate with it.

Moreover, all employees must describe themselves and what they are good at. The resume can also be stacked and laid out as text.

Technical possibilities regarding Intern Profile Search

In terms of technical possibilities, you can have an advanced search engine that uses AI and Machine Learning for your employees when they need assistance finding skills.

The process regarding Intern Profile Search implementation.

Q-analytics process when setting up Profile Search is:

  • Meet
  • Implementation


The purpose of the meeting is to determine how employees describe themselves, so we can incorporate that information into our system.


In the implementation phase, we ensure that the internal Profile Search is configured to suit your systems and workflows. Additionally, we test-drive the system to ensure that it can be used immediately.