HR Match


HR Match analyzes and compares CVs and applications with a job posting. AI and machine learning are used by the system to recognize competencies and qualifications in the CV, which is a requirement in the posting, and then return a score indicating the applicant's match with the posting.

You can spend your time only on applicants who are actually qualified for the job by sorting the applications intelligently. That way, you can focus your efforts on finding the right candidate.

HR Match ignores gender, age, and ethnicity, so you know that the model is completely unbiased.

Requirements for HR Match

HR Match is designed to assist in the hiring process, so the only requirement is that you have some open positions.

Technical possibilities regarding HR Match

HR Match runs in the cloud, so you must connect to our server to use it.

HR Match gives you two options for connecting, either you can send the text from the applications and job postings directly to HR Match, or you can send the files to HR-match, which then extracts the text. Also, it can be accessed through a website that you log in to.

The process regarding HR Match implementation.

Q-analytics process when we set up HR Match is:

  • Meet
  • Implementation


In this meeting, we will align expectations with what you would like from HR Match and talk about how it should be integrated into your workflows and systems.


During implementation, we make sure that the HR Match is configured according to your workflows and systems. The system is also tested in order to ensure that it is ready for use from day one.