- Visualization


Visualization of data involves translating complicated patterns and structures into easy-to-understand concepts and concepts that can be explained using figures or graphs.

Data visualization comes after data analysis because you can visualize the key figures from the analysis in relation to the rest of the data.

Requirements for visualization

For data analysis to be effective, you must have some data to analyze. As well, you need to have an idea of what you wish to visualize. If you do not specify what to visualize, we will not know what to do, which will likely result in a less than satisfactory result.

Often you have to discuss how you want the data to be visualized. In this way, you ensure that there are no misunderstandings in the visualization.

Technical possibilities regarding visualization

Technically speaking, A visualization can include everything from features and bar plots to interactive network graphs and geodata plots. The possibilities are almost endless.

Obviously, the plots you choose and have the opportunity to use depend on the data you have available, which must first be reviewed. Often, what you will be able to do with a visualization of the data will also depend on the type of visualization you use, so it is critical to decide what you want before you begin.

The process regarding visualization

Q-analytics process when we make a visualization is:

  • Initial meeting
  • Data access
  • Workshop
  • The visualization phase
  • Result

Initial meeting

During the introductory meeting, we will talk about scoped for visualization, what type of information you would like, and how your ideal solutions will turn out. We offer suggestions on how we can turn your idea into a reality. 1-2 hours duration.


Workshops are used to get an overview of what kind of data you have and how good the quality is. Additionally, we discuss the specific visualization methods we think could be applied here, and determine what the final result should be. 2-4 hours duration.

Data access

The data are accessed during this phase. We could receive the data and then visualize it in our office. If the data is particularly sensitive, we can also do visualization locally with you. In this case, the time frame depends on the data we need to access and how we need to access it.

The visualization phase

In this phase, we visualize your product and set it up for you. It usually takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the scope and the goals.


The final product will be handed over to you, in which we present the results and explain how we arrived at the choices we made. This takes approx. 1-2 hours.