- AI/ML Tender Consulting


AI/ML Tender consulting is for you if you want to make a AI/ML tender, but are not sure where to start or how to run one, and would like to be sure to get the best solution.

In addition to assisting you in the drafting of tender materials, we can also help you set criteria for evaluating tenders.

You may also have us handle the entire tender process on your behalf.

Requirements for AI/ML tender consulting

The only requirement for an AI / ML tender is that you already know in advance what problem the AI / ML model must solve. Because AI / ML models are intended to solve specific problems, only if the problem is specified can you make a tender.

Also, we can assist you in identifying the problem to be solved if it isn't already defined.

Technical possibilities with AI/ML tender consulting

With AI / ML tender consultation, we can help define and evaluate the received tenders.

For example, it could be to make sure that the model is constructed properly. Check the model's performance with untested data. Define methods to compare different models (such as AUC, RMS or a specially designed method) and check that the model is not overfitted, etc.

We translate the complicated mathematics so you can follow our technical considerations, since AI / ML is built on complicated mathematics and statistical techniques.

The process regarding AI/ML tender consulting

Q-analytics process when we do tender consulting is:

  • Initial meeting
  • Workshop
  • Ongoing assistance

Initial meeting

We will discuss the scope of your tender at the introductory meeting, and brainstorm ideas to help you succeed. Additionally, we will discuss your goals and where you need assistance.


The workshop provides an overview of how the subsequent course should proceed. Based on our brainstorm in the initial meeting, we decide where in your offer you would like assistance.

Ongoing assistance

During this phase, we will offer recommendations based on the needs we discussed during the workshop. We make sure to agree on the start and stop time for the advice and what a possible finished product should end up in.