- AI/ML Project Consulting


AI / ML project consulting is aimed at assisting and helping businesses get the most out of their AI / ML projects.

Various forms of project consulting are available. We can help you choose the appropriate model types and methods, or we can take care of the entire project.

The advice can also be a seminar where we upgrade the skills of your employees, so that you become better able to handle your AI / ML project yourself.

We can tailor our advice so that you get support where you need it most.

Requirements for project consulting

There is no requirement for project consulting since it is so broad. First, we will need to speak with you, and then we will figure out how to proceed. We can also determine if we need anything to help you before we can begin.

Technical possibilities with project consulting

The technical possibilities are very diverse.

ML mathematics can be understood by us so you have a better basis on which to build your artificial intelligence / machine learning systems.

We can assist you in writing the code when you are designing the model so that it is as accurate and as optimal as possible.

The entire infrastructure around the model can be handled by us, so that it is properly integrated into your workflows.

The process regarding AI/ML Project Consulting

Q-analytics process when we do tender consulting is:

  • Initial meeting
  • Workshop
  • Ongoing assistance

Initial meeting

We will discuss the scope of your tender at the introductory meeting, and brainstorm ideas to help you succeed. Additionally, we will discuss your goals and where you need assistance.


The workshop provides an overview of how the subsequent course should proceed. Based on our brainstorm in the initial meeting, we decide where in your offer you would like assistance.

Ongoing assistance

During this phase, we will offer recommendations based on the needs we discussed during the workshop. We make sure to agree on the start and stop time for the advice and what a possible finished product should end up in.