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Workmatch represents an innovative algorithm that can be tailored, integrated, and seamlessly incorporated into your existing databases and other platforms. At the forefront of this advancement is, a progressive recruitment platform harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Its purpose is to optimize the identification and alignment of suitable candidates with job openings and project specifications.

Within Workmatch, advanced algorithms meticulously evaluate CVs, applications, and job criteria. These evaluations culminate in match scores, quantifying the degree of alignment between a candidate's qualifications and the requisites of a given role. By embracing this technology-centric methodology, the platform streamlines candidate sorting and selection, culminating in more efficient and impactful recruitment processes.

Job trends

Trends in the job market?

Big trends will have a huge impact on the job market for the next years and since the job market is so volatile, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the substantial changes and trends. Staying on top of things is your best chance and landing the best position.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting enables you to monitor your business on dashboards and generate custom reports and graphs. You can quickly create a wide variety of business reports and observe live statistics. Easily run your critical business reports in minutes.

Access Business Reports by using charts and graphs on web browser and Power BI and securely share them with others. Easily create summary and detailed reports from all levels and departments in organization. Managers and executives can monitor their departments and teams through advanced reporting and improve business processes quickly.

Customer Churn & Retention

Churn is what happens when a customer decides to terminate their relationship with your company, usually by discontinuing their subscription or canceling a membership. And just like in personal relationships, it’s often obvious where it ended, but much harder to pinpoint where things started going sideways.

You can accurately identify Customer Churn with an AI model to efficiently direct retention efforts, reduce cost, and increase revenue

Preventing student drop-outs

Preventing student drop-out with AI involves utilizing models to analyze data related to students' academic performance, attendance, engagement, and behavior, among others. By identifying patterns and indicators that could lead to drop-out, AI systems can provide early intervention alerts to teachers and administrators. This enables timely support and personalized assistance for students struggling to stay on track and succeed in their studies. AI-driven predictive models can identify at-risk students and suggest tailored strategies to enhance their educational experience, ultimately reducing drop-out rates and fostering student success.