Enhance your creativity. Unlock new possibilities. Boost productivity. Amplify your impact. We embed AI in our solutions to provide you with better tools in decision-making processes. From machine learning, to computer vision, to natural language processing (NLP), to forecasting and optimization, our AI technologies support diverse environments and scale to meet changing business needs.

Work Match

A family of different applications matching jobs, candidates and consultants

Job Match - Job openings that match your preferences.

Candidate Match - Finding the best candidates for a job opening.

Consultancy Match – match projects and profiles.

Job trends

Trends in the job market?

Big trends will have a huge impact on the job market for the next years and since the job market is so volatile, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the substantial changes and trends. Staying on top of things is your best chance and landing the best position.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting enables you to monitor your business on dashboards and generate custom reports and graphs. You can quickly create a wide variety of business reports and observe live statistics. Easily run your critical business reports in minutes.

Access Business Reports by using charts and graphs on web browser and Power BI and securely share them with others. Easily create summary and detailed reports from all levels and departments in organization. Managers and executives can monitor their departments and teams through advanced reporting and improve business processes quickly.

Customer Churn & Retention

Churn is what happens when a customer decides to terminate their relationship with your company, usually by discontinuing their subscription or canceling a membership. And just like in personal relationships, it’s often obvious where it ended, but much harder to pinpoint where things started going sideways.

You can accurately identify Customer Churn with an AI model to efficiently direct retention efforts, reduce cost, and increase revenue

Predictive Analysis

Ever wanted the ability to predict a result or information before it has occurred? This is what Predictive Analysis is for, use this tool to get a greater insight in the topic of your choosing. This include:

  • Parameter Prediction
  • Classification

Data analysis

Data although an abstract consept and therefore hard to visulize is used nearly everything nowadays, we can work with this data with your demands in mind. See the details below.

These include:

  • Analytics
  • Augmentation
  • Visualization

Time series prediction

Avoid future troubles with our predictive time analysis. how long can an object oporate before it declines? When will the average employee leave the company? And many more seen below These include: Wear Analysis Customer Churn Employee Churn Expenditure Estimation

Consultant assistance

Understanding and clarification is one of the foundations of a project. Consult with us about almost anything regarding machine learning and understand how you can use it.

These include:

  • Machine Learning Clarification
  • Data Preliminary study
  • Supply (normal)
  • Machine Learning Offer Assistance
  • Machine Learning Project Advice

Text analysis

Text manipulation, augmentation and clarification are tools used in a extreme variety of businesses, see here how we approach this and why you should use it.

These include:

  • HR-Match
  • Q-match
  • Intern Profile Search