Become a partner?

We are always open to strategic partners and other qualified suppliers.

By partnering with us you will be at the forefront of AI technology and innovation, ready to meet the increasing demand for AI, BI and analytics, we are ready for a collaboration meeting.

Technology companies

For organizations that develop, market, and sell software. The Technology companies can benefit from integrating with their existing systems and infrastructure to enhance their offerings with AI.

  • Technology companies
  • Enhance and extend your solutions with AI
  • Bring new AI-enabled applications to market
  • Ensure regulatory compliance for your applications or platform
  • Offer our consulting services

Consulting companies

Add AI to your current range of offerings and help your clients explore AI opportunities and develop AI.

  • Add AI features to your portfolio of consulting services
  • Add AI to your current range of offerings and help clients develop AI strategies, explore AI opportunities, and define AI implementation processes.
  • Reach more customers through joint marketing and sales activities

Solution Providers

This partnership is for service providers, developers and resellers who want to build new solutions or enhance existing offerings and solutions with AI.

  • Improve and expand your solutions with AI
  • Integrate AI with your customers' existing solutions
  • Use our solutions to grow your SaaS business