Stories and updates on the cutting-edge work Q-analytics and partners are doing in analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Workmatch at Insido Consult!

Insido Consult is dedicated to the meticulous task of identifying and selecting optimal talent for tasks and projects.

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The all-new Route Planner!

Q-analytics proudly presents its cutting-edge Route Planner, designed to revolutionize your logistics and supply chain management. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and disruptions, as this advanced tool offers seamless route optimization and dynamic adjustments in real-time.

With Q-analytics Route Planner, you can effortlessly plan the most efficient paths for your delivery vehicles, ensuring timely and cost-effective transport of goods from source to destination. Say hello to reduced fuel costs, minimized travel time, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our Route Planner harnesses the power of AI and machine learning, taking into account numerous factors and you can now generate optimized routes within seconds and save valuable time and resources.

Route planning holds a crucial role in logistics and supply chain management. It involves determining the most efficient route or path that delivery vehicles should take to transport goods or services from the source to the destination. This may include deliveries from a warehouse to different outlets or directly to consumers' doorsteps.

Route Planner extends beyond merely finding the quickest path. It takes into consideration various factors such as traffic conditions, vehicle availability, CO2, fuel efficiency, delivery windows, and load capacities. Although a complex process, when executed proficiently, it significantly enhances operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Improve student well-being through data (Danish)

Each year, up to 100,000 students apply to Denmark's high schools and universities.

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TEC now use Power BI for advanced reporting and preventing student drop-outs

Technical Education Copenhagen and Q-analytics have just finished a project with Advanced Reporting and Student Churn & Retention

TEC decided in February to use Advanced Reporting which enables TEC to monitor your business on dashboards and generate custom reports and graphs. In this case TEC will monitor the learning management system (Itslearning).

TEC can now create a wide variety of business reports and observe live statistics. TEC use the system by web browser and Power BI and can easily create summary and detailed reports from all levels and departments in organization as they wish.

As an extra bonus we integrated Student Churn & Retention to predict when students decides to terminate their education. You can now accurately identify Student Churn with an AI model to efficiently direct retention efforts, reduce cost, and increase revenue.

“With the Q-Analytics Churn & Retention Solution, we can now spot churn - but we can also act on it. With the solution, you get a powerful tool that gives you the opportunity to retain students”

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