AI Consulting Services

We transform your business problems into opportunities for innovation by combining ingenious thinking with data and advanced technology.

Q-analytics offers consulting services from early analysis throughout the project life cycle. By challenging the status quo and creatively combining processes, data, and systems, we realize business objectives without compromising compliance.

Our consultancy can range from straightforward to technical, including: helping a client understand areas where machine learning or automation may be beneficial to their business, building and developing machine learning models, or support the client in AI services they built or bought themselves.

We support businesses understand machine learning solutions,  get started with AI, review models or support clients in building their own. Our consultants also provide other services, such as big data consulting, cloud consulting, business intelligence consulting, or digital transformation consulting.

At Q-analytics, we offer both complete packages with a final price as well as consultants at an hourly price for a shorter or longer period of time.

Get Started with AI in your business

AI has evolved dramatically over the last years. However, very few organizations have experienced the full business impact or competitive advantage from their advanced analytics initiatives despite significant investments in data science and machine learning (ML).

We can help you explore the limitless possibilities of AI and discover practical techniques that will help you make transformation a reality.

AI Audit & Reengineering

When you notice your AI system no longer meets expectations, we send our consulting specialists to review the model, architecture, usability and security. We fix, upgrade or redesign the model to save your investment and perhaps prepare for further AI expansion.

Expansion of AI

We help you scale your AI transformation across the enterprise for more impact. Our AI consultants will prepare the best short- and long-term AI strategy to help you create a sustainable, cohesive AI-powered ecosystem for your business.

Bias-free Model Training

When developing AI models, you need to consider the ethical and social implications of algorithm-based decision-making. You need to design solutions using high-quality datasets that incorporate diversity and equity, as well as eliminate human cognitive biases.

We are ensuring that actions of AI model are fair, equitable, and unbiased regardless of:

· Race

· National or ethnic origin

· Colour

· Religion

· Age


· Sex

· Sexual orientation

· Gender identity or expression

· Marital status

· Family status


· Genetic characteristics

· Disability

· Conviction for an offence for which a pardon has been granted or in respect of which a record suspension has been ordered

Explainable AI and accuracy.

We can't completely solve AI's black-box problem—nobody can—but we can examine the transparency and interpretability of the ML model training approach and the data that goes into it. We can thoroughly test and examine models and confirm or deny reliable accuracy and transparency. We are often used by the client to analyze and test the development of new algorithms by other suppliers during a project.

Analytical Model Review

"Analytical model review" is a consulting service during or after the implementation of analytical projects. The service is a PoC (Proof of Concept) to verify that the performance of your goals and models are delivered as expected. Review can take place both before and during commissioning. We deliver a report and presentation.

Model Development

our consultants develop new analytical solutions.

The end-to-end process usually includes:

  • Definition of the customer's case and scope for solution
  • Data preparation and exploratory analysis
  • Analytical model development, assessment and interpretation
  • Preparation, visualization and analysis of results
  • Future model management (monitoring, retraining, versioning)